Trade Aaron Jones?

Been riding the Aaron Jones train and it’s been working well enough but definitely afraid that with this split backfield his touchdowns are going to come back to earth. Would you guys try to move him for a Leonard fournette or lev bell even josh Jacobs (guys who are maybe less efficient but safer floor who have underperformed in the touchdown department for the first half of the season) or do you trust the that Aaron jones is special player like an Alvin Kamara where he doesn’t need a ton of touches to be a solid fantasy option? For reference jones is my rb2. I have dalvin, miles sanders, Devin singletary, ty Johnson and mattison. Thanks!

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Don’t have an answer for you but keeping an eye on this post for the same question myself.

Wondering if it’s worth it to package him for an RB+WR, like Michel+Sanders/Schuster just to build up some depth.

Jones is my RB3, Have Barkley and Carson as 1 and 2. Jones is currently permanent flex/bye week filler

Wow bro. You’re stacked!

Ok well within that context, his TDs coming down to earth would settle him right into his #2 status, correct? And though it can’t be predicted, he’s more than capable of surprising you with a #1 performance.

Think about it. He was their guy, he blew up. Next game they got his parents up on the big screen weari military uniforms. It’s a celebration.

He embarrassed himself. Williams had a game. Very next game they go back and prove he’s the dude. Did you see that catch he made??? Way harder than the one he dropped. Amazing. Impossible catch. Williams involvement has been a thing all along. He was just hurt. It extends Aaron’s longevity having him there.

I have both of them. I like Williams involvement. Im considering FLEXing Williams this week. So I get it. I do. But Jones is more dynamic and fits this offense which is hitting mid season form in a big way. There’s some injuries but I think GB and DAL are quickly becoming the best teams in the NFC

Thanks man! i like your take and I have always been an Aaron Jones supporter, may be my favorite player to watch. That catch was insane and awesome to see 1. that they went right back to him the next week and 2. agreed way tougher catch than the one he dropped. Not many Rbs in football that can make that catch. I tilted a little because that drop lost me the game last week and had me sitting at 3-3. but got back on the upswing this week

I guess my thought was just that fornette and bell are top 10 with virtually no touchdowns so could i use a player that exploded in the first half to buy a player that should blow up second half. But i guess your right i would usually rather have the guy on the better offense w/ higher scoring potential. Thanks for the breakdown.

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I got him on my team and I was very encouraged with how they used him last week. I’m not trading him unless I get a very good offer. Like you said, he doesnt need a lot of touches to make things happem.

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