Trade Aaron Rodgers after Week 1?

I play in a two QB league and ended up with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford. While Aaron Rodgers ended up being my MVP this week I am concerned my current QB situation may be an issue in the long run. I have a healthy stable of WRs and RBs so I think this may be my best opportunity to try to get Josh Allen or Kyler Murray from an opposing team to stabilize my QB consistency. I’m not crazy right??

Josh Allen and Kyler Murray are both great options because of their ability to be able to run the ball, the only question is what is it going to cost you because most owners are not going to want to part way with them for cheap. If you are able t workout a trade without giving up to much then i would say go for it!!

Yeah i’m not sure trading Rodgers 1 for 1 to get Allen or Murray would happen. They have too much potential with there legs that Aaron doesn’t really have anymore.

I’m an Allen owner in several leagues and i’d definitely sit pat with him over trying to get Rodgers.

So the owner I’m going after has both Murray and Allen but is weak at RB . I always go RB heavy in the draft and have Kamara, James Connor, Todd Gurley, and David Montgomery. He has Josh Jacobs, Mark Ingram and James White. I was thinking Rodgers and Gurley for Allen but I’m worried I may be giving up too much there.

test the waters with Rodgers and Montgomery see what he says and go from their

Thats a good idea. I doubt he will go for it but who knows lol.