Trade Aaron Rodgers or Mahomes

I have both. They can’t both play. Who should I trade, and what level player(s) should I be looking for?

i would trade mahomes. theres no telling what you can get for him right now, just pick a weak spot on your team and see what people are willing to give, which is likely a lot of they are qb needy

I feel like I’ll be the minority here but I would keep Mahomes and trade Rodgers. The dude has a great arm, his defense sucks so he’ll air it out every week, he has a top notch wr corp and a great pass catcher Hunt. Plus, he has a “pass friendly” division being Broncos/Chargers/Raiders.

Also you have to remember that Rodger is still injured and not 100% healthy. But, the key selling point here is value from Rodger’s brand name. You can probably get a solid top 8-12 WR/RB for him where as you’ll be offered top 15-20 for Mahomes.


I would trade whoever your potential trade partner prefers(you cant go wrong with either choice. But here is the brutal truth, you aren’t going to get great value from either. When you only have to play 1 QB, each team theoretically can get a QB1 in a 10 team league.

Here are 10-14 Right now - Cousins, Smith, Luck, Keenum and Newton. Not Including Roethlisberger, Watson, Ryan and Stafford.

Not saying dont do it, im sure someone will be interested in one or the other. Just temper you expectation in return of value.

I’d deal Rodgers… he’s got a bum knee and solid D’s in his division whereas Mahomes will have easier D’s to face and a coach that loves to score all game. Mahomes just has so many weapons to choose from that his ceiling is higher even if Rodgers floor is safer.

100% agree. Rodgers value has got to be higher based on his track record so I would pick to trade him. QB tends to be replacable and no QB has the value that Rodgers does. Mahomes probably won’t pull the same kind of return and I’d prefer to roll the dice at QB while securing a solid WR or RB.