Trade AB for Thielan bye week

I’m playing one of the top teams in my league next week and I have Antonio brown which will be on a bye when I play him. He’s the Thielan owner… how insane of an idea would it be to try and trade him AB for Thielan… it would give him the Big Ben AB stack for ROS, but they wouldn’t be able to play against me. I’m essentially buying a win.

trade AB for theilen and someone else…who does he have at RB?

Gordon, Michel, Cook, Lamar Miller
he also has galloday, Edelman, and Sanders

thielen and michel for AB and like a bad RB you have MAYBE

i just feel like you could get a lot more for AB

only if you can swing a 2 for 1. I love Theilen but you can’t abandon AB in a straight up trade with Theilen.

I agree… so what about AB and Howard, for Gordon and Thielan

I could throw in the yeldon fournette with Antonio brown to try and land Gordon and Thielan… or is that still too much

I like the AB Howard for Gordon and Theilen.

not bad…try someone a littel worse than howard first i think

what type of scoring?

Half point…
Is AB for Diggs and Julio a fair trade or am I getting the bad end of the stick

i think thats a crazy good trade for you!

Julio frankly is not that far off from AB and diggs is a stud