Trade AB for Waller and Montgomery?

I have made the offer; I’d get Waller and Montgomery. The guy is still mulling over it. I think its a great trade since my only rbs on bench are White and Brieda. I have Andrews and Id stash him in case Waller fails to be that guy. Thoughts anyone?

In the circumstances its getting immediate help without question marks. I think it’s a face saving trade you can be happy with

Please explain dude

Ab is someone that value might disappear tomorrow and might explode next week. But this trade allows you to get something decent right now and be satisfied.

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Im at that point of exhausting my efforts to improve my roster if I can and holding a person like AB.

I was there. I wanted out and got lucky a friend in the league said he wanted out of mike evans. I swooped hard. I think Montgomery will be value as season goes on and ab I just felt more comfortable being on outside watching

Did you trade AB for Evans?

Yes. Keeper league with a minor pick exchange

It was before the most recent events. He’d just signed with patriots evans dud. Very fortunate for me

You think AB in Patriots is not good eh?

I think he’ll be great if he’s available. But I’d got to the point I felt his risk outweighed the reward. He offers to me top wr upside on patriots and evans has top 5-10 wr even after the let down. I felt stability was what my roster needed

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