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Trade Accepted... thoughts please


Let me just say that I am the newest member of the Fantasy Reaper Team…

In need of running backs bad (drafted David Johnson and Demarco murray and Rob Kelley) - all injured or might as well be

Cashed out on Deshaun Watson’s awesome two games.

Gave Watson (still have Drew Brees)
Got Doug Martin

thoughts on Martin rest of season? (hopefully everyone else feels same way I do and thinks he’ll be a good value added)


Great trade for you.


nice Move! I like selling high


Great trade. very quality RB for a QB. I stream QB in majority of my leagues, and still getting 15-18 ppg. This was a steal.


I like it, Martin great value.


@Islandboy09 @swissarmyaccountant @Abdullah_Oblongata

Thanks everyone… also heard it from the podcast yesterday on their Martin thoughts…

Hopefully he does what he should, need it bad! lol


What if I got Howard for Watson? I gave Kamara also