Trade Adams and Lynch for Zeke?

My WRs are Edelman Gordon Ridley and Coutee RBs are Kamara Hyde Lewis AP and Foreman lmk what u guys think I should do I’d be getting Zeke in a full ppr league

I think that trade leaves you a little shallow and boom/busty at WR.
If you think Zeke, Kamara and your RB flex can make up for the value you lose by playing one of your other WR week to week go for it.

I think this is a decent trade for the right team, that being said i do not think with your WR core its a trade that will translate into consistent wins.

Edit: Another option might be hold out for this week and use ridley as the wr in the deal after a bounce back game.

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I think i would still do it. I like the security that Zeke provides. It may leave you with a bit of hardship in your WR core, but I feel like there is enough start-worthy talent to make up for it.

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Do u think if there’s a way i can trade Lewis and Gordon to get a better WR I should do the Zeke trade?

If somebody has a really bad bye week coming up where they could use an upside flex you could offer them that trade. The team receiving lewis would need a way to utilize him, or bank on him getting the lions share over henry.
both have struggled this year and i actually dropped DH in the league where i had him.
but you could easily make that offer

I agree but i just don’t know cuz I don’t be weak at the WR position

I tried offering to the Henry owner but he never replied, should I try seeing who has low depth at RB and offer those two for a WR2?