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Trade Adivce/thoughts Martin for Julio


I have
QB: Cam and Deshaun Watso
RB: Lev Bell, Gurley, Doug Martin, Ingram,
WR: Devante Adams, Amari Cooper, Martavias Bryant

I was offered two trades that would land me Julio, one was Dough Martin for Julio. The other was Ingram and Watson for Matt Ryan and Julio, this is a Standard league with 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE and a flex. Which trade if any should I make, thanks for your thoughts!


I’ve been really impressed with Doug so far and Ingram looks like he’s a refreshed rb without AP. So either way you’re left with a great flex option both past byes.

Tbh I think you win both deals I’d look at cam and Watson vs cam and Ryan match ups wise and see who you like more then pull trigger on one of them.

If I had choice I would give martin as I don’t like stacking qb and wr. But in isolation I’d take both


I agree with not liking the stacking. I would only take the 2 for 2 deal just to give up Ingram rather than martin. I don’t know which I would rather give up. I waited 5 weeks for Martin, and feel be could be back to his old self and not sure if Ingram’s big week was a one week thing or if he can consistently give me 7-10 pts a week.
ROS who would you rather have in a standard league Martin or Ingram


It would be really tight I can see martin being good in most match ups but Ingram is so integral to the massive saints offense plus Kamara has to be covered for so gaps open up.

I have martin and I’m not sure I would take Ingram if offered heads up. That being said NO will score Tds every week. Bucs should but it’s less nailed on plus they have Evans to service…

I think I’ve changed my mind 5 times in one post. In summary… I don’t know


haha fair enough, I appreciate your thoughts!


Both have decent playoff matchups. Really it’s up to you. Who do you think will be more involved in the offense? If you think Cam will be good to go for the rest of the season until Ryan can get it together if he does then I would do that trade. Julio will get more involved. It’s not an if, it’s a when with him. He would be an upgrade for you to your WR and you wouldn’t be losing too much as well since you already have Gurley and Bell as RBs.


@jaguileraroh This is true, would you rather trade the 2 for 2 or the straight up trade? Don’t Cam looks good but I think I feel safer with deshaun to play match ups. So I’m leaning on letting Martin go for Julio but since I waited so long for him I’m very hesitant.


Martin is good and I have him as well because he is consistent. Ingram is a viable streaming option every week but Cam does have a decent playoff schedule that looks better than Watson’s. It’s a hard decision especially when you wait for Martin to be back and there will be risk involved in either trade. Keep in mind that Cam still has a high ceiling because he is a rushing QB like Watson. Ryan could also still have his good weeks with Julio being matchup dependent. You do need a WR though so you need to grab him either way. Hope this helps make the decision as I know it’s a lot of contradicting material lol.


@jaguileraroh Much appreciated, I will try to make a choice soon before he changes his man lol.