Trade Adive: JuJu for THielen + OJ

I got offered JuJu for MY thielen and oj howard. Full PPR>

What say you? yay or nay? even trade?


any input? thanks :slight_smile:

Well it’s tough to say without seeing your full roster but both juju and thielen are on the slide with Ben out and the Vikings offense not throwing the ball. Oj has next to no value right now.

I would lean towards picking juju > thielen but I’d wait a week to see what Rudolph throwing to juju looks like. If you see chemistry and lots of targets. I would say go get juju

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My Te: Waller
WRs: AB, thielen, shepard, Chark, crowder

I’d take the other guys advice, problem is we don’t know how Rudolph Mason will do with Juju, you both could be stuck in QB purgatory any way you slice it. I prefer Juju over Thielen though.

SO you both are ok with the trade for JuJu? Oj is just clogging my bench. I don’t trust Winston to throw to him consistently