Trade Adrian Peterson?

Hey guys,

Thinking about trading away AP for a wr. My current rbs are Hunt, Shady, McFadden, Duke Johnson, and AP. My league starts 3 wr and my current wr’s are Crabtree, Cooper, John Brown, Mike William, and Hurns. Any ideas on who to possibly target.

Any input is appreciated,

I would just throw it out there and see who is interested. Someone is bound to buy in to the name and the hype so it shouldn’t be too hard to nab up a WR2 or low end WR1 even. Try to find someone who has shallow RB depth but some good WRs. Maybe the Julio owner since he is off to a slow start?


Thanks for the input!

What do you think about dez?

Dez would be a solid choice, he is a solid WR2 with WR1 upside because of his upside especially with his upcoming schedule.

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