Trade advice 1/2 PPR

Should I trade AJ for Hunt, Gurley or Gordon or Dez and McCaffrey for Gurley?

Rb 1 = Zeke
RB 2 = McCaffrey
WR 1 = AJ
WR 2 = Dez
WR 3 = Hogan
Flex 1 = Coleman
Flex 2 = Diggs

Maybe see if you can sell Diggs’ name and get someone in return. Maybe package him with McCaffery and pull a good RB.

Only one I would do on this list is aj for hunt and that’s only to cover for zeke suspension. But I would be gutted to lose aj who i think is a top 3 wr. You could see what value mccaffrey and diggs have together, maybe gordon. But inwould avoid gurley personally as his chedule sucks bye week coming and no promise he will bounce back.