Trade advice 10/6

Hello everyone!

12 team full PPR

I get: Kamara & Hopkins

He gets: Aaron Jones & Mixon

My only other RB at the moment is Mike Davis.

At WR I have Kupp, A. Robinson, and C. Davis.

What do you guys think? I’m still 3-1 at this point, trading with a guy who’s 1-3.

Edit: I also have Kyle Murray at QB, which is why I want Hopkins

Hard no for me. youd be destroying your rb group Davis and Kamara is not enough to survive on


Thanks for the advice!

I like the RBs you have, I think you’re getting the worse end of the trade.

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Thanks for the advice!

Yeah I’ll just ride with Jones and Mixon. Mixon is a scary player to have on my roster, but I like to think I knew what I was getting myself into when I drafted him lol.