Trade Advice 2for1

I am considering offering the jamal williams owner gallup and foster as a package trade.
I am shallow at RB, and will eventually need to clear space to bring players off IR anyway.

Am I asking to little, or giving up too little here? Or is it a reasonable offer.

I dont think you should make this trade…I believe Aaron Jones will be more involved than Jamal…your giving up Gallup and Foster was actually really good down the stretch lastyear.

fair assesment. hard to say how the buffalo receiving corps will look this fall. If you were to look for a 1for1to get an rb, who would you think gallup is worth?

What would you want, talent or a starter? I think the last one would be real hard to get for Gallup alone.

Breida, L.miller, mckinnon(might get cut), Ronald jones. But i dont think you should the either of those guys.

Gallup is worth a lot less with Cooper there, but more with Beasly gone.

I don’t mind acquiring Williams as they have said they will run a time share at RB - we just don’t know what that looks like, could be a 60/40 or 70/30 split in Jones’ favour so he’ll have value but week to week there are better plays.

Gallup and Foster to me are better plays each week, Gallup should have more volume and be a safe enough WR4 maybe even a low end 3 with some upside and Foster is a dart throw for a 70 yard TD if you need it and could be a real sleeper this year. IMO you are far better with Gallup and Foster - if one or both break out this year they will have more value and you could look to move one for a better RB if needed

Thanks everyone,
appreciate the input.