Trade Advice .5 PPR

Hey Footclan. I’m in a .5 PPR league. Wilson is my main QB and I have Big Ben as a backup. I need RB depth for the playoffs (I have Freeman and Crowell). I was proposed two trades.

  1. Big Ben for Ameer Abdullah and Jared Goff
    2 Dez and Jags DST for Latavius Murray and Emmanuel Sanders.
    Which trade should I accept?

I wouldn’t do 1 as I don’t think Abdullah is worth much to your team and Goff has tough match ups to come. Rather keep back up big Ben.

I would do anything for jags defence. Dez and Sanders have been

In this situation I would be losing the Jags for Murray and Sanders. I’m weary of giving up the Jags, they’re fire right now. Do you think the trade is worth losing Dez and Jags?

Then not a hope in hell I’d lose the jags. Ive been working on trying to get the jagsfrom the owner and he’s not shifting despite me offering a combo of dez martin Cooper wentz Goff and waiver wire priority etc.

Essentially dont sell cheap you can shoot for the moon and take a stud. Id aim for ravens owner and see if you can get ravens plus a player for them

Definitely seems like a good idea. I am inclined for the first trade tho. Abdullah has been more consistent this year than Crowell. They both have an ok schedule for the rest of the year. And it’s no loss losing Big Ben, I’m not even using him.
Or, like you say, get the Ravens D and an RB.

Crowell has succeeded in easier games and sucked in tough ones. Abdullah is so erratic and just looks terrible when u watch him. Id seek a better option rather than pin your hopes on him