Trade Advice - Aaron Jones

In a full ppr dynasty league i was offered Aaron Jones for Phillip Lindsay and Ronald Jones.
On a value standpoint… is this trade worth it?

I would take Aaron Jones for Lindsay and RoJo. I own Lindsay in my only Dyno league and do like him a lot but I love me some Aaron Jones

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Value-wise, you’re basically asking if an early 3rd rounder is worth a mid-5th and a mid-11th. I think the answer is yes.

But more intuitively with these particular players, their situations, and their pedigrees, I do that in a heartbeat.

RoJo could become a thing this year, but he hasn’t proven it yet. And despite Lindsay’s accomplishment last year, teams tend to look at un-drafted rookie FA’s as expendable commodities with less margin for error. So if he doesn’t continue to perform at a high clip – and some regression seems likely – his role could diminish, especially if Royce Freeman starts to show up.

Aaron Jones, on the other hand, is the truth. He showed that last year, if you got to see him play. And now there’s word that LaFleur wants to use him as a pass-catching back: he has high Full point PPR stud potential.

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Thank you for your feedback! I accepted it!

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