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TRADE ADVICE - Accept a trade for the injured DAVID JOHNSON?


Please help:

David Johnson and Amendola to my team and in return I give him Ty Montgomery and Martavis Bryant

This is only a 10 team standard league, with ONLY 11 players (4 on bench).

  • Please note my other RB’s are CJ Anderson, Hyde, Ezekiel and Gillislee.

  • Also note that 8 out of 10 teams make the playoffs, so position in standings with DJ on bench is not as big of a deal.

Should I pull the trigger?


Absolutely not.


Personally I would not take on the DJ drama. Giving up way too much…


What the heck… Def No


If you have depth at WR… Maybe do Bryant for DJ since so many make the playoffs… The gamble for DJ coming back might be worth it

I like your team how it is… But if you think you want DJ… Try just hyde or Anderson for Dj… But don’t give up Montgomery


My initial reaction to this is…give up a top-dog with TyMont for two “probably-nots” is a MAJOR RED FLAG. Have to vote a BIG NOPE here!!!


hahaha yes thank you everyone I understand this was definitely too much value, was to hyped on thought of dj at the time.

I think it can still be smart move to stash him for the playoffs so i like the idea of giving just one RB, but with only 4 people on the bench it may be hard when the byes start coming