Trade advice ajayi cook

AP or Cook ros?? Looking to try and package Ajayi for a trade before this weekend. I just don’t like the risk of his back getting worse and I’ve already lost Rex to injury so I’m needing a trade target. Thanks in advance!

If it’s between those 2, I’d go for Cook. However, if you’re trying to decrease risk then neither AP or Cook is doing that by much. The thing I like about Cook is that his value is really low right now and they face another tough defense next week. If you’re not worried about Cook staying healthy, it’s a great time to go get him.

If you want to trade before this weekend, you might also be able to get Michel and another player for Ajayi and get more value back by season’s end.

Assuming you don’t own Clement.

I could also try to package Julio+ajayi for Landry+hunt?

Here is my current team. Yes I know three QBs, but I started Stafford week 1, smith week 2, and cousins week 3 lol so I tilted a little and dropped Rex after the IR news for wentz. Picked up Goff last minute to stack with Kupp due to my match up this week.

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Could also try to pull Ajayi+Royce for Mixon+josh Gordon. I would honestly love that bundle deal if the dude would agree. He is having to start Sony and Aaron Jones while mixon is out

@meds Admit it, this was all about showing off the fact that you had Goff, Thielen, and Kupp this week (and a benched Cousins) lol.

I think you should reassess after this week since you should have this matchup in the bag already. See how your guys do - you might end up with some more valuable assets than you thought.

Haha not at all but I was stupid happy with the result. Only reason I picked up Goff and started him was because of the ballers rankings even though everyone else doubted Goff and Cousins this week! Thanks for your input buddy that may be what I end up doing!

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