Trade Advice Ajayi

I’m thinking about offering Moncrief and John Brown for Ajayi - this guy is in last in our .5 ppr and I would free up the extra spot for waivers

too much/not enough/just plain foolish?

I would try and give him a RB in return at least. Don’t insult him with that offer. I just made the mistake of doing that to the 0-4 Julio owner last week and now he probably won’t trade with me for awhile because he was so insulted (although I didn’t think it was that bad of an offer for him).

only guy i would think about trading is cohen and i dont think im ready to give him up

I would if I were you. I think Cohen’s perceived value is greater than his actual value, and Ajayi can’t get worse than he has been. Only one way to go, and that’s up (or I guess on IR becuase of his knee). I might even try just straight up for Ajayi and see if he takes it.