Trade advice, am I getting eaten by our league shark?

Our league shark, undefeated, wants to get CEH and DJ Moore, and give me Josh Jacobs, Keenan Allen, and Curtis Samuel.

Feels like a downgrade at RB, but and upgrade at WR ( but only if Tyrod stays away). Samuel is just a throw away. I like this trade in theory, but am concerned since it’s coming from our league shark.

Honestly maybe a hot take but I think Jacobs has more TD upside rest of season. KC just has so many weapons that who gets the TDS every week is pretty much a toss up (week 3 for example). Furthermore their red zone offense is even more unpredictable.

The raiders want the game to flow through Jacobs I think in the red zone they’re more likely then not to leverage him over Car’s arm. I take that trade all day

Took the trade. It felt like a good upgrade, but I think I was overthinking it because of who the trade offer came from. Thanks!