Trade Advice: Baldwin/Kerryon for Shady/Enunwa

10 Team Standard League: I am currently 3-0 but I feel like a solid 2nd RB would help and I think I have WR’s to spare. Any thoughts on what I might need for if this trade is worth a thought? or at least a counter? Wouldn’t mind grabbing McCoy on the cheap if possible.

My Roster:
A. Dalton - QB
A.J. Green - WR
J. Brown - WR
G. Bernard - RB
T. Gurley - RB
Gronk - TE
A. Collins - RB(Flex)
H. Butker - K
Jacksonville - DST

M. Stafford - QB
L. Fitz - WR
D. Lewis - RB
K. Johnson - RB
A. Jeffery - WR
D. Baldwin - WR

His Roster:
P Mahomes - QB
J. Jones - WR
A. Thielen - WR
E. Elliott - RB
A Ekeler - RB
T. Kelce - TE
B. Cooks - WR
J. Tucker - K
Houston - DST

L. McCoy - RB
D. Funchess - WR
Q Enunwa - WR
J. Cook - TE
J. Allen - RB
Dallas - DST