Trade advice Bell for Zeke?

Was offered a trade of Le’Veon Bell and Michael Thomas for his Ezekiel Elliott’s and Julio Jones. Good trade? I know I’m taking the risk on Ezekiel but I think Julio is an upgrade on Thomas

Absolutely do not do this trade. Zeke could be suspended and Thomas is producing just as much as Julio in a better offense

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Ok thanks. Much appreciated

This is a lateral trade and don’t think that would be a great idea. Bell is getting 30 touches a game! Zeke and Bell are equal week to week. Zeke has the looming suspension possible. Jones will pick it up for sure and would take Jones or Thomas RPS. see if he would trade jones for Thomas straight up!

Yeah the carries is the only thing i was worried about with leveon. That’s alot of work. But yeah ill give the wr trade.a try and see if he goes for it

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Yeah, i wouldn’t do it especially with the suspension looming over Zeke.

He just countered with amari.cooper and bell for zeke and julio. Man thats a lot more tempting

still don’t think you do it. zeke suspension negates all value in the trade.

Don’t do it man. Even thought he PROBABLY won’t get suspended you don’t want to be the guy who traded for Zeke and he gets suspended afterwards. That will suck! You already have the best ppr rb in the game and Michael Thomas is a stud, about the same as Julio right now. This trade only makes you take on the risk of Zeke getting suspension which you don’t need!

Ok thanks! Ill hold off now.

Now if Zeke doesn’t get suspended and I can do this trade with Amari Cooper instead of Michael Thomas would that be a good trade for me?