Trade Advice: Chase Edmonds for Will Fuller?


Trying to work out a trade with the Kenyon Drake owner in a 12 man PPR league. He is offering me Will Fuller for Chase Edmonds. Should I take it, try countering, or hold on to Edmonds?

My team:

His team:


This entirely depends on if you’re a true believer in Fuller IMO. If you are, I think you do this deal. For me, I am not. I don’t trust him to last the season. I also am not confident in Drake lasting the season. For me, without a glaring need at WR I likely hold out for now. Alternatively, what about offering him say Chark and Edmonds for Moore…see if you can upgrade a starting WR maybe?

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Yea I’ve tried offering a few trades to get Moore or Sutton but, he has rejected and countered for the Fuller for Edmonds.

I’m not really a Fuller believer especially after drafting him last year and dropping him a week before his break out week.

Thanks for confirming my stance.