Trade advice - CMC/Higgins for C. Davis/Ahmed

Full-PPR League, redraft league. I am in 2rd and the last place owner is trying to not finish last (big punishment for last place). He offered CMC/Higgins for Corey Davis and Ahmed.

I am kinda light on RBs at the moment and I don’t know CMC’s value. I know Higgins value goes WAY down with Burrow out.

QB- Wentz / Hill
RB - Gibson, Sanders, Ahmed, Scott, Wilson Jr (IR), Jackson (IR)
WR - Adams, Kupp, Chark, Crowder, C. Davis, Samuel
TE - Waller

Thoughts on the trade? He does have Cooper on his bench I could try to ask for instead of Higgins

Press accept and be prepared for your league to call for collusion (if not veto the trade).

At this point I’d see CMC (with an unknown return date) equal value to James Robinson. If he doesn’t come back your team doesn’t really suffer because Ahmed has 1 more week until Gaskin comes back

I normally don’t like to accept trades that leave you with two rb for even a short period. But I’d do this. Ahmed role with gaskin back is up in the air. Its a gamble you need to take I think and if anyone like Gus Edwards or even Frank gore is available I’d get them in just so you have a bit of comfort with a third albeit bad option available until or if cmc returns

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Thank you guys for the advice. Someone else beat me to the trade. Guy traded away Giants DST and Gallman for CMC. Baffling.

He probably could have found someone on the waiver wire with similar value to Gallman, so he more or less just gave CMC away