Trade Advice! Cobb/Bryant/Fitz/Gore/Crabtree

What do you guys think?




Which side do you like on this one?

IMO I’d want the Crabtree side. If you were giving up Cobb though it’d be hard to give him up since you most likely got him late, which is great value.

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Just to be clear, you mean you’d take Crabtree/Bryant over the 3-pack, right?

Yes, I did pick up Randal Cobb late. 13th round late.

Yes I would take the Crabtree side, sorry for the confusion haha. It’s really close for me though.

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Thanks. I’m banking on:

  • This was Cobb’s ceiling, so should get rid of him at optimal value.
  • Gore is done being the workhorse for the Colts
  • Fitzgerald will be an ok WR, but Carson Palmer looks terrible.
  • Bryant already had his worst game of the season.

What does the rest of the FootClan think about this?

I would definitely take the Bryant Crabtree/Bryant side of this trade. Consistent production from 2 WRs and I thought Marlon Mack looked really good for Indy and will still carries from Gore. Also extra roster spot is really valuable for picking up free agents.

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