Trade Advice-Cohen or Kerryon for Fournette?

With Fournette expected back next week should I buy him?
I currently have Gurley, Chubb, Conner, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, and Michel at RB.

Need to make this trade today if so. Thanks for all advice footclan!

No you dont need to as you have Gurley and Conner, and a wealth of RBs, id be trading those away from WR1s tbh

Problem is that I don’t know when I might lose Conner. As far as WRs go I have M Thomas, M Evans, Green, and Kupp already.

Trade kerryon for fournette. I like kerryon but he has a tough schedule and the lions are pass happy.

So you think that Cohen is a better ROS okay than Kerryon? Ultimately the owner will accept whatever I give him at this point lol.

I think cohen is great for his pass catch and play making ability. Kerryon is a solid catch back too but he is limited now with theo Riddick back as the catch back. Lions are pass happy and kerryon has a really tough schedule.