Trade advice? Collins for 1 of 3 WR's

Current roster
RB - Gurley, Howard, Collins, Barber and Kerryon
WR - Allen, Cooper, Davis, Sutton, Anthony Miller

.5 PPR

Do I trade Collins for any of the following - Emmanuel Sanders, Allen Robinson or Chris Hogan?

Is my team strong enough with the other 4 backs?

Other team drafted Bell and didnt get Conner.

He also has AJ Green, but I dont think he will give him up for Collins or Barber.

I would give up collins for any of the 3 you mentioned but Iā€™m not high on Collins. Although Dixon being out definitely helps him more now cause risk of being benched is lower. I would say the one that is for sure a good trade is collins for sanders. I would rank them as follows:

Sanders > Arob > Hogan

I have seen your posts, I know EXACTLY where you stand on Collins haha. I was definitely leaning towards Sanders myself.

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I have also been very high on sanders. He was my top arbitrage play of the offseason and draft. I prefer Sanders to DT and sanders was always 2 rounds later than DT. I think sanders is a very sneaky low end WR1 play given how much case keenum relies on slots. DT is a TD or bust. Sanders to me, is this years Adam Thielen.