Trade Advice - Connor for Brown

Hello #Footclan! I am currently 6-2 and below is my roster in a 12 team standard scoring league:

QB: Rivers, Trubisky
RB: Connor, McCaffrey, Howard and duds Duke Johnson and Javorious Allen
WR: Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry and duds Amari Cooper, Tre’Quon Smith (just lost Fuller)
TE: Burton

I was offered Antonio Brown for James Connor… the catch is that we are allowed one keeper per year at the round you draft the player, so I can keep Connor next year for an 8th rounder.

What do we think about Bell’s future? It seems highly unlikely that Bell will be a Steeler next season, let alone the rest of this season. Anybody have any thoughts based on my roster and the keeper potential?