Trade advice cook

Cook for Rex Burkhead and Royce Freeman?

Depends on how much you’re hurting at RB depth, I would want Cook in this trade.

Best case scenario is that this is 2 RB2s for an RB1 (assuming Burkhead doesn’t get supplanted by Sony later on in the season and that Royce takes over the lead role in Denver).

I have ajayi and Melvin Gordon for my starts and MAC for my back up. That’s the only thing kind of holding me back, but I wanted to see what y’all thought!

Also his running backs are Henry, cook, ware, Sony Michel, and Yeldon

Unless you have 3RB slots in this league I would definitely trade burkhead & freeman for cook. Even if both of them do quite well - you can only have 1 person in each slot. Cook, Ajayi, and Gordon means ur going to play a solid RB1 in the flex which I would much rather do than put 1 or 2 RB2s in the flex. (Not sure what the position set up is)