Trade Advice David Johnson for Picks

I’m in a 3 Keeper league where players are kept where they were drafted (only the 2nd year) I have David Johnson in the 1st, Melvin Gordon in the 8th, and Pryor in the 10th… I am being offered a 1st and 2nd round pick for Johnson. Should I do it?

Assuming you do it… where would these first and second round picks land and who would be the best available at that time?

It would be 2nd overall and 5th in the 2nd (subtracting out draft positions that are being kept)

And here are some of the picks on the board:

AJ Green
Devonta Freeman
Dez Bryant
Lamar Miller
Alshon Jeffery
D Thomas

Meh… If you are losing Johnson you want Zeke or Bell in return. And you want a Zeke that is not suspended 6 games. So I say pass.

Put players in instead of picks to evaluate. Would you trade DJ for aj green and Gurley? Would you rather have Gurley and gordon at RB or DJ and Gurley? I say keep DJ