Trade Advice: David Johnson

I was considering this trade with ma bestie. So, I’m not trying to rip him off. Hoping this is decently fair. He’s a David Johnson owner.

League: PPR, 2RB/2WR/TE/Flex
It’s also a 12-team with 7 bench spots! So waivers suuuuck.

His team:
Starting - Palmer, Baldwin, D. Jacks, Fournette, Gio, J. Cook, Davante
Bench - DJ, Landry, Martavis, J. Hill, S. Perine, Dak, Dwayne Allen

My team:
Starting - Stafford, A. Brown, Crabtree, Gurley, Hunt, Ertz, Lamar Miller
Bench - Abdullah, C. Thompson, Maclin, Golliday, Marqise, R. Anderson, C. Clay

I’m considering trading:
Lamar Miller, Marqise/Golliday/Maclin/Anderson, Ertz
David Johnson, Doug Baldwin

I have Charles Clay to take Ertz spot.
TEs on the WW are Hooper, H. Henry, Engram, Zach Miller, A. Gates, Ben Watson, ASJ

Cardinals have a backloaded schedule, so I think they have a good chance of staying in playoff contention, so DJ’s return would be realistic if healthy. Wrists are non-weight baring, so it’s not like he will be out of shape when he comes back. Hell, he might even become ambidextrous in the mean time and be even more of a football god.

If he asks for Crabtree as the WR, would it still be a legit trade? Like I said, trying to make this a win-win.

Thanks Footclan,

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I think it’s legit either way but he probably won’t accept the first one

lmao i would not accept that trade. great for you

Ok. so i should offer Crabtree then I guess. Sorry for the long post. that way i get to upgrade my WR2 to a WR1. and i’m hoping at least one of Marqise/Maclin/Golliday have a breakout to fill my flex. I’m highest on Maclin right now aka Steve Smith 3.0?

dont try and be fair. offer whatever is better for you, counter after. I like maclin or golliday for flex, probably maclin