Trade Advice ! Duke for McCaffrey

Hey Guys, I need some advice. Right now I’m hurting in the RB 2 position, as I been starting Lynch. I’m trying to trade to get a better RB 2. Since I could barley get anything for Lynch, would you guys stick with Duke or trade him off for McCaffrey ?

My RBs are : LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Duke Johnson, Jamaal Charles, D’Onta Foreman

I like MCCaffery. They are both pass catcher backs on their teams so they play a similar roll. I think Duke’s long term schedule is tougher than McCaffery.

Thanks ! I do like McCaffrey as well , but I think Duke having a tough schedule is actually an upside. As long as Cleveland is trailing behind they will abandon the run and focus on the passing game, which is where Duke usually shines.

I’m on the opposite end as I just traded for Duke and have stewart as my ultimate backup. Cam hasn’t impressed me enough to have confidence in McCaffrey.