Trade Advice: Dynasty- Diggs and Doyle for AB?

Deal we’re discussing. Diggs is the young gun and AB has all the questions around him now. I think I’d be getting AB for cheap but of course the other guy probably thinks the same thing about Diggs. What do y’all think?

Diggs and Doyle for Diggs. He’s also got Ebron

QB-Brees, Trubisky
RB-Fournette, Kerryon, J.Adams, D. Lewis, C. Thompson, Yeldon, J. Jackson, A Collins, D. Foreman
WR-M. Thomas, K. Allen, S. Diggs, M. Williams, S. Watkins, W. Fuller, J. Washington, L. Fitz, J. Crowder
TE-G. Kittle, J. Doyle, M. Gesecki

That’s some Inception level trading!!

I would sell Diggs and Doyle for AB. Risky, but I like AB’s value more than other side.