Trade Advice Dynasty Kerryon

Leaning towards no but I have an offer on the table:

I get Golden Tate and Kerryon Johnson

I trade away Tyler Lockett and next years 1st:

Current RBs: Hunt, Cook, McCoy, Powell, Chris Carson, Kenneth Dixon, Mark Walton, Ito Smith, Jordan Wilkins

Current WRs: Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Kupp, Crowders, Woods, Rishard Matthews, Curtis Samuel, Quincey Enunwa, Anthony Miller, Michael Gallup, Dante Pettis, and Daurice Fountain.

8 team dynasty: I have 2 1sts and 3 2nds. We start 4 RBs and 4 WRs. PPR.

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I’d do this, Tate gives you a lot more production than Lockett will do this year and likely for another 1 or 2 years, pairs well with Hill/Cooper’s boom/bust weekly potential. Plus with Kupp and Crowder and a couple of nice rookies at WR you’ll be set so take the upgrade now.

RB You’re set this year with Hunt, Cook and McCoy but after that you are in need of depth and after next year McCoy will (probably) run out of steam to be your RB2 or Flex guy so getting Johnson in now gives you a year to see what you have without having to start him, and next year if not this year he’ll most likely be the main guy in a committee at worst or at best a 2 down guy and taking a share of pass catching work. If he booms though you could shop McCoy before your deadline and get either some capital back or maybe another piece in that you need before his value goes down in the offseason.

The only thing i would try is keep the 1st rounder, maybe use a couple of 2nds instead but if you think the guy will be scared off i’d go for it as you have 1st left anyway and get some value now in Tate and a potential 3 down guy to pair with your other 2 three-down RBs for the next 5 seasons or so if it all pans out which is worth a first to me


4 RBs and 4 WRs? thats crazy! it also makes this crazy worth it. you actually get an upgrade at WR, but for less time as tate is 28 or 29, cant remember. and kerryon is someone who should be more valuable as the weeks go on. which works perfect with mccoy because he probably will do the inverse. and you need RB help after hunt and cook. although i will say this. for an 8 team, thats a pretty weak lineup. so if you are trying to plan for the future, i could see you wanting to keep that first. but you still need producers, and kerryon with tate will do that for at least 3 years. me, im taking it and being happy that i got a bargain.


This is a no brainer for me. I’d do it in a hearbeat.


Thanks everyone. Will def try to do some renegotiating for 2nds instead of a 1st

I’d be all over this. The first is a tough hit but Kerryon should be valued as a second round pick or late first I assume? If you think you have a shot to win this year I would take it. Even if you only have Tate for 2-3 years of solid production Kerryon is going to be great in Detroit, just maybe not this year

Don’t offer 2nds. He sent you a more than straight-up deal. You should do it without hesitation! Sending back something with lesser picks would honestly just be insulting, IMO. You’re making out like a bandit here.

Agreed. Don’t get greedy.