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Trade advice dynasty league


Should I trade Rudolph for Maclin straight up? I have Kelce already 3 WR league with my WRs as Jordy, Edelman, Tyreek, And snead.


A TE for a WR straight up? I’d do that all day long. Maclin is probably going to have a bit higher upside in Baltimore than he had in Kansas City. But yea, I’d take that trade and just stream TE depth if you need to.


I wouldn’t if you have a flex spot you can throw Rudolph in depending on weekly match ups. I’m not sold on Maclin personally although he did land in a pretty good situation. Also need to consider the ages. Rudolph has a whole lot more tread on the tires and although you look set with kelce who knows with injuries where you will be in a year or 3.


yeah this is one that has its “but, well…” moments to it. because you already have kelce, your set at TE barring any injuries so adding depth is always nice. but, well… is mack attack gonna come back healthy and ready to go? will he fit into that offense? how will he play with flacco? im a chiefs fan so i have gotten to know macs mentality a little bit (as much as you can without meeting someone) and he is the type to take this and run with it. me, im probably doing it but im doing it with doubt. because i want that added extra depth at WR in a 3 WR set.