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Trade advice dynasty


Pretty simple one. I would give up kyle Rudolph and Keenan Allen, for greg olsen, and Larry fits. It is a dynasty but we use contracts and salaries. It would be almost identical trade for salary, and contracts.


For Dynasty, I think you’re giving up a lot. Fitz is a one year rental, he’s going to hang it up soon. Olsen is also pretty old, albeit probably has a few good years left in him. This is very much a championship now trade. Yes, Keenan Allen has an injury history but he’s young and a top receiver. I don’t know much about contracts and salaries, but I wouldn’t do this trade. It’s not even close to the value I would expect to receive for Keenan Allen. I would expect more along the lines of Sammy Watkins, Todd Gurley, Allen Robinson, etc.


Depends on if you’re a gambler. I would prefer Rudolph and Keenan Allen but you have the injury risk with Allen. Fitz/Olsen are far safer but I’d pick Rudolph/Allen.


If your going for a NOW win do it bro


Appreciate the insight boys. I turned him down. In the end it just didnt make much sense. Im pretty good at WR so if Keenan gets hurt i can replace him easy. Besides that one factor it was an oddly similar trade. Except i would lose the boom (and bust) potential of Keenan.

Thanks again guys!


Agreed. This seems like a win-now trade for you. 1 season of Fitz, and a big question mark as to how the changes in Carolina’s offense will affect the aging Olsen. He’s a big question mark… who could certainly reemerge as a top TE.

On the other side, Rudolph seems to be a favored target of Sammy Biscuits and have several years worth of tread left on the tires. Keenan… eesh. Maybe he’ll be healthy? …at some point? …for close to a season?? But he’s still got WR1 potential.

…and I just saw you’d already vetoed this. So… good decision.