Trade advice - dynasty

I get JuJu and Marlon Mack, I give Crowder, CJ and a 2019 4th. 12 team half PPR 2rbs 2wrs and 2flx

I have Zeke/Guice/Clement/Barber/Breida
And Allen/Baldwin/Kirk/Ross/Miller/Chark plus Ertz if that makes a difference. If he bites should I pull the trigger here?

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I would 100% do this.

I’m not a Crowder believer. Everyone was hyping him up last year and nothing came of it. CJ is at best in a timeshare in CAR, and if you believe the talk coming from the coaches, CMC should be more involved than he was last season.

Ending up with Allen and Juju as your starting WR with Baldwin and lock for your first flex spot would be amazing. Then Mack could be in a rotation for your second flex, I think that starting job is his to lose in Indy.

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Thanks, glad you agree. I’m hoping to try and get him to see it as two starters for one with CJ and Crowder and Mack as a side piece who he grabbed very late anyway plus he’s not deep at RB at all has D.J. and Howard then handcuffs

Crowder and CJ definitely have starter upside, so I wouldn’t blame him for taking it. I would definitely be trying to sell high on both of them

Take the deal, 100%!

in a redraft im kinda iffy on this. you would get the clear cut better player in Juju, but solid RB depth is important. but, dynsty this is easy. do it. a young, prodcuing WR, and a guy who has a backfield pretty much to himself. i prefer CJ over mack, but after this year there really isnt any locked in production for him. so take juju and a young maybe guy. the only reason i wouldnt do this is because i think your pretty stacked at WR. but thats because i believe in kirk, milller, and chark. but thats a lot of rookie maybes so i still get why.

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Thanks and yes those are the slight concerns i have as well. As it happened the guy backed out in the end, is very high on JuJu. I was thinking actually in line with what you said above in depth at RB and CJ after this year that i’d be better off waiting and if CJ starts to produce in that CAR backfield and Guice clicks with Washington i might float CJ around for the RB needing teams then and see what i can get back? But i’ll need Guice or one of the other guys to be firing to pair with Zeke or i’ll be really short at weekly regular starters at RB!