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Trade advice? E. Elliott 4 OBJ & J. Howard?


Should I trade E. Elliott for Odell Beckham Jr & Jordan Howard??


What’s your team look like?


My receivers are A. Jeffery, D. Baldwin, C. Kupp, R. Higgins, D. Amendola & P. Garcon. I have Elliott, T. West, Perine, D. Henry at RB position.


I would not.


This is a shaky trade all around. Between possible Zeke suspension, and OBJ/Howard’s health.


I probably would accept this trade. OBJ is elite and nobody else on that offense is stepping up.

In DAL, Dez is getting a LOT of red zone looks. That will continue, so EE’s TD upside is limited. That might be a hot take, but I think it’s true. Plus, that line has slightly downgraded from last year.

I also like buying cheap on Howard. Cohen is cool, but recency bias shouldn’t blind you. Howard led the league in yards after contact last year. He just can’t catch and gameflows will dictate that CHI will usually be playing from behind. With that in mind, I still think I do this trade. But it’s super tough for me. I’d follow Howard injury news super closely before deciding.