Trade advice - few years

We are in a 1 player keeper league. I’ve had Henry for the last couple years. With his age and usage I was just wondering if I should trade him while his value is highest.

The offer is my Henry for Jonathan Taylor and Kyle Pitts.

Or should I keep Henry for foreseeable future?

Waller is my other TE

For me Derrick Henry thinking was quite simple, If you have any chance to win your league keep him at all costs.

If you can’t sell him and get everything you can.

But I’m thinking go Henry until or if he ever declines. He might not be human it seems. Especially in a one keeper I’m going Henry and just having him carry me until he doesn’t.

Btw it’s actually a solid offer, but only getting to keep one and having a te albeit banged up I think Henry is the guy


Thanks a lot man! Yeah I was torn as I like Henry and more often than not he’s been just so good.