Trade Advice - Fitz

I have Larry Fitz and am wanting to move him after Palmer’s injury. Would offering Fitz for Michael Thomas in a 1 for 1 trade be a fair offer? Who else would should I consider targeting if not Thomas.

My team is:
QB - Dak, Stafford
RB - McCoy, Hunt, Kamara, Riddick, Alfred Morris
WR - Dez, Fitz, Tyreek Hill, Marvin Jones
TE - Delanie, ASJ

Record is 5-2 and league is .5 PPR. Looking for a move to better the roster into the last half of the year/playoffs. Thanks!

you’d be laughed at if you offered fitz for thomas right now. you need to go a lot lower than that right now. thomas is considered top 10 rest of season and fitz is at best a wr2/wr3 without palmer

Yeah unfortunately I think that would be a joke to anyone savvy. But you gotta know your league - maybe the person would be dumb enough. But I doubt it.

This list might give you a little bit more of an idea of value, from some other experts out there - but don’t take it as law.