Trade advice for 0-3

I was offered Jacobs and Beckham for Golladay and Mixon. Should I do it, or counter and ask for Taylor and Beckham?

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No way that manager is giving you Taylor for Mixon and Galloday. He is a legit number 1, in a better offense and younger. Not unless they dont understand fantasy value.
Doesnt hurt to ask, but if I was that manager I would be insulted you think I’m that stupid

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Golladay is a freak - 17 points in my league last week and he wasn’t 100%

Golladay is a number 1 and mixon may not be doing much now but he was a league winner last year and still could be. Also, JT age is irrelevant in a redraft league

Galloday barely finished above Marvin Jones JR last year, his value doesnt justify how high he was drafted IMO. If he doesnt get a TD he often isnt a top 12 WR, and that’s about half of the time.
Youth is always a factor for RBs, no other position gets pounded down the way a RB is. Taylor had his worst week this past weekend and he still got 15 points. Mixon has had the 4th highest amount of volume and finished with less than 10 points in a .5ppr.
Taylor has a better QB in terms of opportunities for pass work, better O line and better defense. It’s not even close in my opinion

I still think you come out winning this trade if you get Josh Jacob’s. Kid gets alot of opportunity and is looking better in the passing game. I wanted him in all my leagues this year but he didnt fall to me.

Thanks for your advice!

Do you think Beckham still has fantasy relevance?

OBJ is still very relevant, the hard part about him is the inconsistency. That has more to do with Baker than OBJs talent but it still is a factor.
If the Browns continue to be able to run the ball like this they wont need OBJ to have 20 point fantasy performances.

So you would make that trade even for Jacobs? If I give away Golladay I would be stuck with Beckham,mclaurin, chark, d.Jax

IMHO it all depends on your WR room. I’m a big OBJ fan but I do not think he’ll give those numbers this season. He even said as much. That said, I’m not as over the moon on Golladay as other people. He is in a better situation than OBJ rn on the weekly, but they could easily put up similar points at any moment. Jacobs is the best piece in this offer, and I like him over Mixon no doubt. Especially in redraft.

If you feel okay with your WR room can lose Golladay then I’d do it. FWIW I like Jacobs over Taylor anyway this year. But I would be surprised if the other owner even entertained the offer. However I’m surprised he is willing to move Jacobs so who knows. If it were me, I’d look at their other WR to see if another piece looked more appetizing.