Trade Advice for 1/2 PPR Tyreek Hill for Joe Mixon (12 team)

I have a strong wide receiver core with AJ Green, Nelson, Diggs, and Tyreek Hill. With the loss of Danny Woodhead it has left me in a tough position for my RB2. My RB 1 is K Hunt. My league is sharp with the waiver wire and there is no one of worth to pick up so I’m looking for a value trade for an additional RB. Someone has approached me to trade mixon for hill. Advice on that trade? Is there another RB that I should pursue that is the same or better worth than Hill is for WR?

I think you’re assuming a lot of risk with that trade. Tyreek is preforming now and Mixon is going to take some time. I assume you have a flex spot for Hill.

Currently I do but I plugged in diggs last week and this one at the flex