Trade Advice for a Conner owner

I am looking to offload Conner. Was just offered this as a counter.

Hunt, Thielen, Hurns, Jones Jr.
Conner, McCaffrey, Hill, Hilton

I have Hopkins, Yeldon, and Lynch as well as Mahomes

If it was me I would say no way. Mccaffery and hill are studs, Hilton will be great when he comes back. I love Hunt but he is to off and on with so many options on the chiefs. Theilin is a stud and will be a first rounder next year and Hurns and jones are trash. Conner is a nice piece. Don’t throw your team away for one guy. I have Conner to. I just flipped him to a 0-4 team for Hyde . I gave Conner and Arron jones. My team is 4-1. If I couldn’t flip him I didn’t mind riding him until bell comes back. It is not set in stone he will be back next week. Conner was a late round pick so he shouldn’t hurt your team when he leaves

You should try to get fornette on the cheap since you have Yeldon