Trade Advice for a WR2 with current team

I’m currently 2-2 in a 12 team standard scoring league. My team consists of

QB: Carson Wentz
RB’s: Chubb, Kerryon, Singletary, Gallman
WR’s: OBJ, T. Williams, Ridley, MVS, G. Tate, R. Anderson, Chark
TE: Kittle

I feel a bit weak in WR, have a lot of middle of the road guys may boom may bust, anything I can sacrifice to really get a solid WR2 or should I stick with what I got and play guys based on match up?

How attached are you to obj? Maybe you can get something for him. Maybe a straight across trade someone liking the name and giving you a high value WR? Or a combo trade with obj and one more wr/rb for top tier wr.

I’m more attached to Chubb than OBJ and would be willing to give him up if I can somehow package another for two startable WR’s. Just not sure the value I can get.