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Trade advice for fournette


I’m trying to get Leonard fournette from a guy in my league. I was thinking of offering DeMarco Murray, Brandin Cooks, and Jay Ajayi. I have the depth to give up two RBs due to Hunt, Doug Martin, and mccaffrey. What do you guys think about that potential offer?


I feel like that is a lot you are giving up, even for Fournette.

I know he is good but those are 3 potential starters you’d be giving up.


Trade sounds good to me. Offer the same trade to the Lev Bell owner first because you’re giving away a lot of talent for a single player and you could probably get more than just Fournette


I should add that my receivers are Chris Hogan, will fuller, sterling shepherd, and Devin funchess. I’m not losing my number one guy in Cooks


The fournette owner declined the trade. I thought it was a good one considering his depth. He has Derrick Henry, ty Montgomery, legarrette Blount. His receivers are alshon, mike Evans, ted ginn, and Jj Nelson.
I tossed the same thing to the bell owner.