Trade Advice for Full PPR League!

Should I make a move for Michael Thomas? My WRs are Theilen, Diggs, Kupp, Chark, and Tee Higgins. I’m sitting 5-3 in a full point PPR league. Looking for a more consistent WR1. Or should I sit tight?

Any advice is much appreciated!

You could try to package trade for him. Some owners of MT are tilting. No one seems to know when he is going to be playing but you have the depth to sit and wait for the day he starts again

I’d sit tight. Diggs has been about as consistent as possible and thielen will have plenty of negative scripts.

Thomas has been a major risk since the season started and he will command a significantly lower target share % than last year with kamara healthy, cook healthy and Emmanuel sanders added to the offense. Also, remember that MT is a specialist in short to intermediate routes so he could really be impacted by a smaller target % due to less air yards.

MT has talent and could easily only be slightly impacted by all these new pass catchers around him. I just think he brings a lot of risk that the current owner won’t consider in a trade as he’s waited all season up to this point to play him. Few, if any, WRs have the ability to generate the production that MT generated last year.