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Trade advice for full PPR- Zeke and Tyreek for Rodgers and Bryant


I have Andy Dalton and need a quarterback and the only person in my league that’s willing to trade their quarterback owns Aaron Rodgers. He offered Aaron Rodgers and Martavis Bryant for Ezekiel Elliot and Tyreek Hill. I think I maybe giving up to much but what do you guys think? Here’s my teams roster and his roster.]
My team:
QB Dalton, Flacco
RB Zeke, Ajayi, West, Kelley, McFadden
WR Hill, Cobb, Pryor, Garcon, Jeffery
TE Rudolph
His team:
QB Rodgers
RB Jaquizz, Bell, Henry, Martin,
WR Hogan, Cooks, Bryant, Golladay, Kupp, Lee, Matthews
TE Graham


I absolutely would not make this trade. Andy Dalton had a horrific game, but don’t panic trade. Are there really no options on the waiver wire? There are always decent streaming options given by the FFers.


Flacco was the best available and I picked him up. Almost everyone in my league has 2 quarterbacks on their roster.


i would at least ask for rodgers and cooks


What about if I offer Ajayi and Pryor for Rodgers, is that a fair enough trade? I can also throw in Flacco since I won’t need him.


Personally I would stream an average QB every week before I traded away skill players like Ajayi and Pryor for Rodgers.


Even if it’s Flacco?


Even if its Flacco… nearly any QB in the waiver wire can put up 15 points which should hold you over from week to week. It is harder to have a starting WR or RB every single week. Never trade them away unless you are getting another in return.


OK thanks for the advice.