Trade advice for Gillislee

I currently am in a league with A unique setup. Basically
14 teams and 10 deep on the bench. NOTHING is available on the wire because of the depth of this league.

My lineup
qb= M. Ryan
RB=M Gordon
WRT=Jordy Nelson
WRT= Beckam
WRT= Gillislee
and then the pick of : Donte Montcrief, JJ Nelson, Charles Clay, J. Doctson, Funchess, Amendola.

I’m going to make an offer to someone for Dez if he craps the bed. I’m going to use Gillislee as the upsell. But I need to get an RB in return.

Is Gilli and Montcrief or JJ Nelson for Dez and Joe Mixon a good idea?

I also have Doug Martin stashed. Got a lot riding on that stash… :persevere: