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Trade Advice for Gronk


I lost DJ and have been trying to trade Gronk for some more RB depth. I feel like now is the time since he is healthy and killing it. Any candidates to target or should I just hold on for now? It is 1/2 ppr.

My RBs are cook, allen, powell, Kelley, and stewart


if you have a decent backup or can pick someone up from the waiver (i like clay) I would consider trading him for an RB1 and whatever else you can get for him. However, if Gronk stays healthy he will be TE1 this season probably averaging around 17 points per game which is more than most RB’s.


That’s a big IF, but I agree 100% with you there. He is an absolute beast when he is healthy. Do you like Ajayi and Cohen for Gronk?


Ah geez, um Ajayi’s health is almost as bad as gronks. Maybe look at the Doug Martin owner? what other RB’s does he have. But you deff want to get players like Ajayi and Cohen for him.


His backs are Ajayi, McCoy, cohen, mixon, and hyde. I was thinking a combo of McCoy or ajayi with Mixon for Gronk.


id lean towards McCoy and Mixon because of Ajayi’s health but right now Ajayi looks like the better RB. Expect a big week from McCoy doe


I offered Gronk for McCoy and Mixon. I liked Mccoys schedule a little better, although him and Ajayi are injury risk.