Trade Advice for Hopkins

Full PPR - 14 team. I’m trying to take advantage of the Greg Olsen owner’s TE gap. I offered Trey Burton, Doug Baldwin, & Brandon Marshall for DeAndre Hopkins.

Ertz is my TE, my other WRs are Tyreek Hill, Josh Gordon, & Allen Hurns… Looks like the best TE option on the wire is Seals-Jones.

Is this a fair trade? The way I’m selling it is the plug & play TE, flex option with BMarsh & WR2 fringe WR1 in Baldwin if he gets healthy.

i would be shocked if they accept that. olsen is hurt, yes, but so is baldwin who he’s getting, and bmarsh is average but a lot needs to be seen still. and although i love burton and have been trying to get his owner to bite and give him up to me trying to buy low, but he is coming off a bad first week numbers wise, so i highly doubt they’ll move a dude like Hopkins for that package

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Absolutely god awful trade, there’s no way that gets accepted.

You’re offering him a banged up receiver, a waiver wire piece, and a TE with high expectation that hasn’t proven anything…for a round 1 locked and loaded high end WR1.

If he’s dumb enough to take it, send your lowball offer. lol

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Even if you replaced burton with ertz this would still be a low ball trade. Good luck.

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Good call guys, I might have to replace Baldwin/Marsh with a RB