Trade advice for Kamara

10 man standard scoring league.

The 0-4 team in my league has Kamara and I want to try and grab him if it’s possible without giving too much. I have the assets to trade but I don’t wanna hurt my own team in trying to land him.

What’s some trade offer advice would be good for landing Kamara?

My team is:
Qb: Ryan
Rb: sanders, Taylor, Mixon, ekeler, Gibson, Edmonds, Jackson, and d’eronist
WR: Hopkins, Adams, mclaurin, anderson, chark jr.
TE: Shultz

It would help to also know his team to see what they need to lean on that as well

First though though is something like sanders and anderson but im not even sure thatd get him away

Agree need to see other roster.

If you can keep Adams and Hopkins in a WR/RB for Kamara I would trade whatever possible. I’m a huge fan of McLaurin but even he’s on the table to get Kamara. The difference between McLaurin and Chark/Anderson is less than the RB upgrade you’ll get with Kamara

Yes sorry about that!

His roster is

QB: Watson
Rb: Kamara, McKinnon, jacobs
Dobbins, and gaskin
WR: Kupp, juju, Jefferson, boyd, Jones Jr.
TE: hurst and graham.

Trying to get him might not be a possibility even at 0-4. Lol

It would be significant. You would need to give him Sanders, Taylor, or Mixon and possibly a combination of 2 of those 3, plus a good WR, probably McLaurin or Chark.

Honestly, if I had Kamara, I’d personally accept nothing less than Hopkins AND maybe Gibson for Kamara. His team is not bad. He’s a good QB away from never losing another game again. He could just sit on it and watch it improve. If he knows that, you’re going to have to really pony up for Kamara. I mean, we’re literally talking about the very best player in fantasy currently.


Idk his WR core isnt great a sanders and 2 wrs might do it of the 3 chark,robby, mcLaurin.

It wouldnt hurt to offer at least. Youd have your star 2 wrs still

Depends on how much he knows and how desperate he is

Yeah, you are going to have to give up A LOT to pry Kamara away.

Kamara is his only real reliable weekly 1 at any of his positions.

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I looked at his team and for me to give up Kamara it would have to have at minimum 1 of Hopkins or Adams and 1 of Sanders,Taylor or Mixon. Mixon probably has highest interest right now since he blew up last week. If I were you I’d start with this and then throw in Ekeler if he says no.